Our Services

Sewing Machine Repairs, Rebuilds, Call-Outs and Restoration Work

All Repairs and Rebuilds are done in
our workshop on the premises. If you
have a problem with your machines we
will give you a free estimate. Each
machine will have its own individual
problem so we do not give a fixed price
and you are not under any obligation to
have it mended if you don't want to.

Specialised Repair Workshop
Vintage Antique Sewing Machine

We Restore all types of sewing
machines including antiques and
collectibles that we sell in the shop.
We also undertake restoration work for
our trade customers including the
London Sewing Machine Museum.

We offer a Call-out Service to
factories, cottage industries,
commercial outlets, laundries,
hotesl etc and have Preferred
Status for schools, colleges,
hospitals and Government agencies.

Sewing Machine Callouts

For any special offers or news please see our Newsletter page or our Contact Us page if you have any queries.

Blade Sharpening
Service Available

Garden and Household Tools,
Scissors, Chef's Knives etc.

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